Chris Brown Points Gun at a Female Accuser

 Chris Brown Points Gun at a Female Accuser

Singer and entertainer Chris Brown has got himself in trouble with the law by allegedly pointing a firearm at a woman who was at his home.

According to the woman, they were looking at jewelry and Brown became annoyed and pointed a gun in her face and demanded she leave his palace immediately.

The woman said she believed Brown would have killed her.

Obtain Wise Counsel #1

Chris Brown Points Gun at a Female

How could Chris Brown avoided this situation entirely or partially? First he could have not allowed so many people in his palace.

Nevertheless, Mr. Brown is an entertainer, we like to believe that means he entertains on stage only. No! This means, he has to entertain us in the news, at his palace, on the road, and anywhere else.

Counsel number one, don’t have a party with too many people at your home, if so make sure it is a control party environment.

Obtain Wise Counsel #2

When things escalate in your home, and you’re the celebrity or a targeted figure, allow your security team or official police to handle the situation.

The world operates by authority. Whoever has power gives the authority, and those authorized to execute power have the right.

Mr. Brown may have had the right to bear arms, but in using wise counsel and intelligent judgment, and good sense, it is wise to voice his concerns or frustrations to his security team and allow them to handle the situation to his pleasing.

Counsel number two, allow people of authority to handle situations

Chris Brown Points Gun at a Female (OWC) does not know who is right or wrong in this situation because OWC was not there, nor do we care to place judgment. OWC only gives counsel to Mr. Brown and people who may find themselves in Mr. Brown’s situation.

Chris Brown Points Gun at a Female

Wise Counsel for the young lady: be wary of being in the presence of one with a record such as Mr. Brown.

We do not doubt Chris Brown has made a transformation and grown from his situation with Miss Rihanna, still these things are record, and unfortunately for the entertainer (Chris Brown), he is still actively in the aggressive environment, which is the industry of entertaining.

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