Knowledge and Vision for Life Success

If you’re going to have success in life, you definitely need to know what you want out of life and what you want your life to be. A key to life is to attain knowledge and vision for life success.


Because this is easier said than done, here are some ways in which you should use to figure out what you want out of life and what you want to do with your life.


Life is about having purpose and giving that purpose a vision and finally executing on the vision. The way to go about this is to picture your life without borders, without parameters, and without limitations.


Also picture your life where you are able to live as selfishly as you want. Often times we are raised to always put the other person first, which is not a bad thing at the core, but we also want to think about ourselves first so we can get a hold on what we actually want to do (as it pertains to this life). We need knowledge and vision for life success.


We often have loved ones in our ear telling us what they think we should do, and they do this based on our character or what they believe we’d excel at. The problem is that God or the Creator gave your purpose to you only! So only you will know and only you can dig it up.


Putting yourself first will allow you to do what comes to your mind and not what’s on other people’s mine. For instance, your dad might want you to be a doctor and the sound of that is horrifying to you. You may want to be a dancer, the problem with this is that the emotional and psychological pull on your mind from others will always make you feel like you’re doing the wrong thing or a purposeless thing.


Once again be selfish listen to your Creator, your Manufacture and that will lead you in the steps to knowing what you actually want and need to do.


When you do this, you will also want to figure out what you need. Take a moment to sit down and think about the things in life that you need the most to feel fulfillment, and purpose.

Sometimes this might be something as simple as a family, love or the freedom to express yourself. You might have a need for financial security, think about what you need and what you want to leave behind.


Other ways to figure out what you want to do with your life is to find out the things in the world that bother you or make you upset. Things that bother you can lead you to focusing on fixing those things and you can determine how much you want to fix those things.


The age old, find out what makes you happy or most fulfilled is a cliché today, but it is still a strong point in helping you determine what you want to be, do, and have with and in your life.


The secondary option is to ask other people. Ask both negative and brutally critical people what they would come to you for help or simply what they see you doing as a career. Likewise, ask positive and optimistic people the same thing.


The feedback, harsh or not, will help you see the commonality in what people believe your strong points are and how that can help you achieve your purpose, fulfillment, and vision for your life. Compare these responses to what you deep down want to do and get confirmation or realize people are off a bit.


The bottom line is that if you do not know what you want to do in life, it makes it very hard to travel through life. Something more shinier will always distract you and you can be off course for very long time.
If you know what you want out of life, it will help you stay focused and determined to achieve those things. Knowing what you want is a great first step… the second step is to make real goals and objectives to lead and guide you to your destination.

The problem in many people’s lives is that they do not make goals. The absence of goals in your life will keep your life in a pretty stagnant, run-of-meal, running in circles form.

It’s like playing in a basketball game with no destination, no baskets just dribbling up-and-down the court haphazardly.

Two basketball players in a scoring contest, one will have a better chance of scoring if he makes a goal of the amount of points he wants the score every game. The other will get whatever the flow of the game will allow.


Two sets of Christians, one will limit the amount of wrongdoing or sin he commits if he makes a goal of how many mishaps he commits in a time period as he attempts to gain control of the conflict or sin he’s having trouble with.


There is an importance in setting goals and this is why most people who do not have much success don’t find it; it is because they do not have something to shoot for. Once you have set some goals to go after, how do you keep yourself going so that you achieve those goals.


One simple thing you can do is to visualize yourself achieving these goals every single day. This is a difficult task, especially when you get down, negative or have a bad day.


Knowledge and Vision for Life Success


Do not neglect visualization, it helps you to feel, smell, touch, see and hear how your finish line will be. Seeing the end will keep you motivated to take the journey to get to what you see in in your mind.


Speaking of journey, visualize the journey as well, see how you get through tough moments ahead of time. Make sure you have a strong reason why you going after this goal and remind yourself of the reason every day.


Get support from people who’ve done what you are attempting to do and stay around people who are trying to do similar things or the same things you’re attempting to do.


The average person doesn’t have a coach or mentor, but all super performers have coaches and mentors…


Hmmm, yet we cannot figure out why they are super performers?


Knowledge and Vision for Life Success

Even when you lose momentum or have a bad day, act like you didn’t and celebrate anyway. Most people lose momentum or have a bad day and they revert back to bad habits, like getting a drink, eating trashy junk food, or even worse hanging around losers and moping about the “bad” day.


Don’t do that! Instead, celebrate like you had a great day anyway! Take a planned day off and plan to do junk activities that will relax your mind or get you to reset.


Things like watching a movie, reading a book, taking a walk, going to the beach, sitting down and eating with friends (but talking about old good times) will be good things you can do as you take your day off and your mind off of your work.


Back to celebrations… make sure that you celebrate the good times.


When you have a good day make sure you reward yourself and your team, if you have one, and reward yourself well. You’re working hard, and your mind needs to know that there is a big reward in midst of these little reward days.


The key is to first make goals, and then go after them diligently, persistently, and consistently!

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