The Difference, Who You Are and Who You Wish to Be

Who You Are and Who You Wish to Be

This was such an amazing video by @GaryVaynerchuk that I had to REpost it so that young folks get an idea about the grind, the process, the way towards success.

There are “Magic Bullets,” there are quick fixes, there are dramatic turnarounds, there are get-rich-quick scenarios, however, those are anomalies. They are not the rule. The rule always speaks to us by its number or mathematics!

More people find success by going through the grind than those who luck upon riches either by marriage, by inheritance, by lottery, or by finding the right opportunity and being gifted situations that carve a no-brain-no-work path towards success.

The Millennials, this younger generation, are able to witness people their age, like @MarkZuckerberg obtain success and attain massive success on high levels, and they desire to emulate and have that success.

Zuck Causes Confusion (his Type of success does)

How many Facebook companies are there? Like ONE, and that is out of a few million or thousand competitors. Zuck causes confusion (Zuckerberg’s success). This is why this video by @GaryVee is so powerful. We have to distinguish or understand the difference between Who We Are and who we wish to be.

We have to understand that the transformation does not take place overnight. Although when it does take place it will appear to have happened overnight. But those of us who live through it understand that there was a grind, grind, grind; and process, process, process that brought forth or manifested the transformation.

Enjoy the video leave a comment that you let me know how it made you feel.

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New Psychology that Causes Happiness and Success

New Psychology that Causes Happiness and Success

Carol Dweck, psychologist, talks about fixed and growth mindsets. She says that the key to happiness is in the desire to continue to learn and grow. Growth mindset is what keeps kids and adults happy, and keeps them striving for success.

The New Psychology of Success

Carol Dweck shows the difference between two different praises (process and ability) and that process praise and ability praise have totally different results. I hope you enjoyed the video and you are ready to use the new psychology that causes happiness and success, and if you have children, you apply them in your interaction with them.

Take Action Today Please

Take Action Today Please

Gary Vee tells it like it is, for you to take action today, please, just take some form of action towards your goals, towards what you love, towards righteousness, towards helping someone. STOP caring what people are going to say about your effort,  your goals, your desires, just DO!

I’m gonna, needs to be done away with…

Goals and Success Relationship

Goals and Success Relationship

The best way to take a look at our goals and success, we must take a DETAILED look at our results. This requires being truthful about where you are and where you want to go. People lie about where they are. It is the reason why the American Idol show starts out humorous before it gets serious.

Many contestants have lied to themselves and have been lied to by others about where they are vocally. This misrepresentation of where we are is so vital to our goals and success. Goals and success relationship is imperative to our results, and our results tell a great story. Thank you Mr. Bob Proctor, enjoy the video.

Who You’re Around Is Who You Are

When you’re born, you don’t have the choice of who your family is, where you live, what you eat, what you watch, listen to, or activities you do. All of this is handed to you by the set of guardians God gives you, better known as your parents.


Since this is the case, good or bad, when we grow older it is very valuable and important to exercise the freedom to choose the people you want to be around. It is good to base your choice on what you want out of life and your strategic and personal plan to get and do those things.

Who You’re Around Is Who You Are

Unfortunately for many people, they settle for what was given to them in the beginning. Sure, we make some very good friends in our childhood. What happens often when we grow up is that circumstances can change and our best friend or close associates just don’t see the world the way we see the world.


Perhaps we’re blessed with a special skillset, or we get an opportunity to travel and experience other things and people that our familiars (family and friends) don’t and haven’t.


Maybe they don’t go through the transformation we have went through or are going through. This changes a lot of things, a lot of the relationship dynamics.


Maybe you had a chance to travel abroad or get into different school programs that allowed you to travel and experience different things. Their mindset may not be as broad as yours. They stick to the normal routine of your local city, local neighborhood and community and the ways that people think in those areas.


If you are trying to make it to a new success level in your life, you have to be mindful of who you commune with on a daily basis and who you are interacting with it. The reason is because who you’re around is who you are, or become!

Who You're Around Is Who You Are
Nothing against Negative Kurt

If you are overweight or unhealthy do yourself a quick favor right now, take a paper and write out the top five people you are around or influenced by, either friendship or association, and see if they are unhealthy or overweight.


If you are pretty broke, meaning you have little to no money in your pockets and you are always borrowing, rushing here and rushing there to make payments, jot down the top five people who you are friends with or associate with on a daily basis; go write their names down now.

Pause the article session.


What you may notice is that they also are in a similar financial situation as you are.


Revelations like these can make you run far away from those people, especially if you really have a good sense of what you want and know that these people absolutely don’t want those same things (or at least not portraying that desire).


The key is just to remember that these are friends and associates, so don’t cut them off, but illuminate your new brighter side. Still know that in order to elevate you have to make new associations and friendships with people who are moving in the direction or are already where you want to be.


Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers never won a championship (up til 2016), so in order for LeBron James to win he had the idea of learning from an organization that had won a championship before.


He left to go play with players who had championship mentality on their mine only! He was ridiculed for leaving, much like Kevin Durant was for leaving OKC for Golden State, and much like you may be when you set out to accomplish your new goals, but that decision was part of Lebron’s vision and what he wanted out of life.

If you are trying to win a championship in life, you need to associate with winners and the people who are going to help light a fire for your vision (in a positive way). Being around negative people or people who don’t know what they want in life, who do not make goals, and don’t have ambitions, will only leave you with all the things you do not want.

Be careful of the crew or cast members in your circle. It could be costing you your future!

Thirty-Three Ways to End the Day

We’re creatures of memory. If we couldn’t remember our own identity each morning we wouldn’t really exist. We wouldn’t know who we are, why we’re here, who are our friends or our enemies. The subtle miracle of waking up each morning starts in fact each evening, when we go to sleep. And since we already have a lot of ways to start the day I thought it would be nice to find some ways to properly end it.

1. Project The Next Day

Plan it ahead, if you use a planner. Or just imagine how you want it to be. Picture it in your head. This doesn’t guarantee that it will go exactly like this, of course. But it will give you quite an accurate idea about what you want and will help you sleep better. You already know what is waiting for you, right?

2. Recap The Highlights

Rewind the current day until morning and start looking at the most important parts. I usually pick only three main points and start thinking at them, but your mileage may vary. You may go for only one highlight or for ten. The idea is to anchor your day exactly the way you want it.

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