About Us

“First, you seek the kingdom of the Eternal Source, and His righteousness; and all the things of life you desire will be added to you.”

Jesus Christ

ObtainWiseCounsel is about providing wise simple and mindful counsel that is spiritually based from the mind of God (Eternal Source). This counsel is to help us alleviate the daily chaos and distractions that bombard our lives that distract us from our success.

My name is ndueso, co-founder of ObtainWiseCounsel.com, I dwell in Geneva, Illinois with my wife and children, where I eat, drink, and am merry, living the life my Source and Creator has provided me. I’m surrounded by wonderful counselors and consultants, and friends, who all have one mind, obtaining and giving wise counsel.

This website aims to be the counsel, practices, and knowledge one needs to become efficient and great! I believe everyone can do it, I truly do.

Hopefully, this website provides a vast array of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, tactics, skills, and educating entertainment in wise counsel for the success of all your endeavors.

The biblically laced counsel and principles are here to help all people and give you a good foundation to achieve your true best.