The Difference, Who You Are and Who You Wish to Be

Who You Are and Who You Wish to Be

This was such an amazing video by @GaryVaynerchuk that I had to REpost it so that young folks get an idea about the grind, the process, the way towards success.

There are “Magic Bullets,” there are quick fixes, there are dramatic turnarounds, there are get-rich-quick scenarios, however, those are anomalies. They are not the rule. The rule always speaks to us by its number or mathematics!

More people find success by going through the grind than those who luck upon riches either by marriage, by inheritance, by lottery, or by finding the right opportunity and being gifted situations that carve a no-brain-no-work path towards success.

The Millennials, this younger generation, are able to witness people their age, like @MarkZuckerberg obtain success and attain massive success on high levels, and they desire to emulate and have that success.

Zuck Causes Confusion (his Type of success does)

How many Facebook companies are there? Like ONE, and that is out of a few million or thousand competitors. Zuck causes confusion (Zuckerberg’s success). This is why this video by @GaryVee is so powerful. We have to distinguish or understand the difference between Who We Are and who we wish to be.

We have to understand that the transformation does not take place overnight. Although when it does take place it will appear to have happened overnight. But those of us who live through it understand that there was a grind, grind, grind; and process, process, process that brought forth or manifested the transformation.

Enjoy the video leave a comment that you let me know how it made you feel.

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