The Healthy Eating Challenge You Can Spring Into

With New Year’s Resolutions a fading memory, it’s time to renew your focus on eating healthy again.

With that in mind, I’m announcing a Spring Healthy Eating Challenge.

It’s designed to help you change your eating for the better, making small changes, and doing it with friends and family.

How does it work? It’s based on the principles I used to change my life, losing 70 lbs. over the course of a couple years, and keeping it off for about nine years now.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Pick one small healthy change to make a week (see list below).
  2. Commit publicly to the challenge, and tell everyone what your change is each week (optional).
  3. Put your entire focus on making that change happen. Set reminders, put visual reminders around your house.
  4. Review at the end of each week. Did you do 5+ days of your change? Success! Tell everyone about it. If not, figure out what your obstacle is and plan to beat it.
  5. If you were successful, pick another change to make the next week, but also continue your first change. By the end of the four weeks, you should have four solid changes if all goes well. If you weren’t successful, just continue the same change (or pick a different one if you didn’t like that one) and try again, but this time with a plan to get around the obstacle.


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Caffeine-Free Methods to Increase Alertness

Caffeine-Free Methods to Increase Alertness

Caffeine-Free Methods to Increase AlertnessDo you need caffeine to get through your day? I’ve experienced every over-the-counter wakefulness supplement produced before 2007 (when I smartened up) and can promise you that it all has the same effect: A brief period of increased alertness is followed by a dramatic increase in lethargy (a crash) or anxiety and fidgeting.

Consume enough caffeine combined with whatever jungle juice is in vogue and you’ll eventually turn into an over-clocked grouch.

Perhaps you already are? You don’t have to be. Here are 7 ways to increase your alertness and subsequent productivity without reaching for that 6th cup of coffee before lunch:

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10 Steps to Setup Goals and Stay Focused

10 Steps to Setup GoalsFor most people, creating goals is easy! The execution and application is the struggle. As Diana Scharf Hunt says, “Goals are just dreams with a deadline!” Everyone has dreams, but successful people turn them into goals that they accomplish. In order to ensure you reach the finish line with your goals achieved, here are 10 steps to help you move from dreamer to doer.

1. Utilize the SMART Goal Approach

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

SMART goals have been utilized for years, because they work. Make sure your goals are:


A specific goal will usually answer the five Ws (What, Why, Who, Where, and Which). Writing specific objectives fleshes out your goal so you can easily identify what you want to accomplish.


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